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The Ultimate Bathroom Basket Guide 2023!

The Dhalia Events wedding planning team share their top recommendations on all things comfort for your guests!

As planners, we always arrive at our events like the Alfred to our couple's Batman; about to reveal the newest set of weapons (items, tools and supports) that will help them ultimately defeat the supervillain (their wedding emergencies). Think of two transformer-style rolling cases filled with everything from bobby pins & breath mints, to steamers, baby wipes and everything in between!

As an event host, you will want to do the same for your guests.

Luckily, we've taken all of the guess work out of the process and have curated our ULTIMATE bathroom basket item list for event hosts! We've also included some of our fav product links and pro tips when considering how to manage some of these items below.

1. "Wait, Let Me Fix Ma Hair"

Starting with the gorgeous hair on your guests’ heads. We recommend providing combs, hairbands and Bobby pins. If you'd like to go the extra mile perhaps some dry shampoo and hair spray too! Don't forget to add some of these hair products to all bathrooms at the venue; that way all of your guests are able to tame their manes!

2. "Pain? What Pain? Only Party"

For folks who may need it, a pain reliever packet or quick allergy tab for an outdoor ceremony can make sure they have all the energy to party. Pro Tip 1: l:If you want to be extra conscious of your guests needs have at least two types of pain reliever, for example, ibuprofen or acetaminophen, as not everyone can take one or the other due to various health reason.

Dhalia Pro Tip: providing chewable pain relief, or children's dissolvable allergy medicine, as well as children's syrups can be a major help to parents who hadn't anticipated needing it during your event.

3. "Who's Cutting Onions?"

Your guests are there to celebrate you and your love story. Let's face it, someone is gonna cry and you're gonna need tissues! If you can source individually wrapped packets for folks to take, it helps keep things clean and you'll likely be able to safely keep and use any leftover, unused packets!

4. "Let's Get Close"

Next up is freshening the ooohs and aahs of the day by getting some floss picks and breath mints for the baskets, the smiles in all your pictures will thank you too! In addition to fresh and clean smiles, your guests will be thankful for extra pampering and safety measures through access to lotion, hand sanitizer and mini-lint rollers.

5. "Keep It Fresh, All Day and Night"

Staying deodorized for an entire day's worth of celebrations isn't easy, especially for guests who may have come from far. Adding some spray deodorant will go a long way to support multiple guests. Pro-tip, these are more economical than bulk-buying on the go solid sticks.

Additionally, your guests will certainly also appreciate a stain remover stick in the basket for any residue or cocktail hour mishaps!

Dhalia Pro Tip: For outdoor events where sunscreen is a must, be sure to advise your party to apply before they dress and do a thorough hand washing if they need to reapply. Sunscreen stains most dress materials whether it's lotion or spray you'll be able to see the oils all day.

6. "Yummy, yummy, in my Tummy!"

You've done the work to design an amazing feast for your guests, it's only right that they get to eat and enjoy it all! For you sensitive tummy guests, you'll be saving the day with a good antacid and other stomach support in the basket.

7. "Welcoming Uninvited Guests"

For the plus ones that surprise even your guests, it's recommended that you provide some menstrual products and symptom relievers in your baskets as well.

Dhalia Pro Tip: Add menstrual products to all your bathroom baskets so all your guests who menstruate can find relief.

8. "Pretty Fly, For a While"

Your guests may decide that your day is the perfect day to break in those new shoes, and the shoes end up break them, be sure to have bandaids and a little antiseptic spray for those shoe cuts. You can also offer to help heal their heels and toes from pain by purchasing some light numbing spray to help send them back out dancing! Finally, if the shoes just no longer fit, you could also provide some flip-flops to break your guests out of shoe jail.

Dhalia Pro Tips: Make sure to get unisex styles so that all guests can get some comfort! Also, for outdoor weddings with gorgeous landscapes make sure your guests aren't sinking into the lawn by providing some heel covers as well.

Additionally, you want to be able to support guests with any wardrobe malfunctions through the provision of safety pins and mini sewing-kits!

Of course, if you aren't able to add all of these items to your basket, that's totally ok! Even just tackling some of them will add an extra component of luxury to your event, and your guests will certainly thank you for it! And of course, if you are worried about figuring all of this out, always connect with your wedding planning team to get all the help you need!

For a comprehensive list of products mentioned in the article above, plus some bonus options, see below:

Pain Relief: ibuprofen or acetaminophen

Children's syrups for pain and fever


Deliece Knights-Barnett (Founder & CEO - Dhalia Events). Deliece is a lover of all things fun and food. She believes that you cannot hate people whose stories you know. As a mom, she is still in awe at how intensely birthing human being can change one's outlook on life and love.

Chérie Ruiz i(Social Media Manager - Dhalia Events). Chere is an unofficial expert of wedding party/guest etiquette. Beginning as a toddler she has been in numerous I-do Crews and is excited to share her nuptial knowledge with the Dhalia community!

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