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Full Service Wedding Planning
Our Story is Pretty Cool, But, We Really Prefer to Focus On You

Full Service Wedding Planning

We have a love-hate relationship with the videos below, but they do a pretty  good job explaining our approach to Full Service Wedding Planning. Our team strongly believes in the concept of "full-service", even if you only need assistance that starts closer to your special day.

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Our Expertise

Our work ranges from event planning & design to corporate retreats, & brand activations.

We have serviced large brands such as Volvo Cars and worked with top tier social media influencers to plan and design their events. Our team has worked locally, regionally and internationally; managing a myriad of gatherings including destination weddings and corporate conferences. 

"After I got off the phone with Deliece to learn more about Dhalia Events, I immediately knew they were the one for us. ..I cannot recommend them enough, they were an amazing team to work with and easily the best decision we've made." - Minna 


Our Couples

Our clients are the authors of their event stories and are encouraged to bring their most authentic and raw selves to the planning table. We work to bring that authenticity out in our events by focusing on creating experiences that are true reflections of our clients.

Our couples are just as much interested in the journey as in the end product. They and already know who they are and what they like - we're just here to bring their visions to life. We encourage our couples to be open about their needs, even if their need is to say "I have no idea how to execute this, and I need help". 

From our very first interactions with the Dhalia team, we knew we had picked a spectacular partner to help plan our summer wedding in the Catskills...There is no way we could’ve pulled it off without the Dhalia crew. In fact, I think our single biggest piece of advice coming out of our wedding is that hiring planners is critical - and I can imagine no one better than the Dhalia team...easily the best decision we've made." - Juliana & Josh


Our Ethos

Our magic is borne out of an insistence on creating bespoke, highly personalized and tailored experiences.

 We require the same attention and quality service be given to our backyard weddings and private events as we give to our multi-day retreats and celebrations. Our staff and planning team members are each personally vetted by our co-founders for this reason. Where people gather, we make it special. That's our Dhalia promise.


That's the Dhalia Experience.

Our Leadership

We are ready to help you create your Dhalia Experience. 

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