Our Expertise

Our work ranges from event planning & design to corporate retreats, event staffing & consultations.

We have serviced large brands such as Volvo Cars and worked with top tier social media influencers to plan and design their events. Our team has worked locally, regionally and internationally; managing a myriad of gatherings such as destination weddings and corporate conferences. 

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Dhalia Events LLC

Our Ethos

Our magic is borne out of an insistence on creating bespoke, highly personalized and tailored experiences.

 We require the same attention and quality service be given to our backyard weddings and private events as we give to our multi-day retreats and celebrations. Our staff and planning team members are each personally vetted by our co-founders for this reason. Where people gather, we make it special. That's our Dhalia promise.


That's the Dhalia Experience.

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Our events are always led by two head planners, in addition to our full team assignments. Event size is irrelevant to us when we assign teams, because full service is always more important.

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The difference between an event and an experience always rests in the details. We are able to create a Dhalia Experience precisely because we insist on planning well and planning exhaustively.


We work hard to ensure that we always have a firm grip on every single detail of your event so that you can have that grip too. Your comfort is key and we work to ensure that through multichannel, frequent communication. 

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The belief that service begins and ends with a contract is limiting. We reject that style of business, favoring instead to understand the intent behind our clients' events and delivering beyond their expectations. That is what distinguishes us as a company.

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Our Leadership

Our co-founders share their stories as well as why their clients keep coming back and what makes them unique!

melissa diaz president dhalia events

Melissa Diaz

Co-founder & President

"I genuinely enjoy the entire planning process from beginning to end. Plus, the ability to combine my background in Finance & Accounting, with my 10+ years' work in Hospitality & Operations has been a dream come true. Numbers and events are an odd combination to love, but I truly do love them both. We've seen budgets in the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands and value how invested our clients are in their events. We make sure to mirror that investment in our work and through our service, as that is what differentiates our brand and turns our clients into repeat customers." 


If I could spend the majority of the year camping in the Catskills, I would. Family is everything and my two kids are the most awesome kids you will ever meet. No seriously, you should meet them!

luxury wedding planner deliece knights

Deliece Knights-Barnett

Founder & CEO

"Perspicacity and meticulousness are my strengths, and my focus is always on the end result. I've leveraged my MBA and years of corporate experience at the Director level to create a company that is backed by solid business and service acumens. I'm convinced our clients refer us not only because of our attention to detail, but because we internalize their "vibe" and "energy".  When we win a new client, it's never taken for granted, as the consistency of our work and our reputation is directly related to the consistency of satisfaction of all our clients." 


If my husband would get on board, I'd probably adopt as many cats as could fit in our house! I also believe it's fact that salty snacks are the best kind of snacks and that dancing is the cure for pretty much everything. 

We are ready to help you create your Dhalia Experience.