Who Are We?


Dhalia Events is led by a duo of friends who share a common passion...managing events!

With over 17 years in the decor, event management and hospitality industries combined, our goal is to give more control to our clients throughout the event planning process. 

We've surveyed over 250 participants and discovered that many hosts prefer help to plan and manage their events, but fear losing control or uniqueness. This matched perfectly with our own experiences as brides and event hosts, and the idea for a different type of event management company, Dhalia Events, was created.


 For the host that wants to simply show up to an awesome event, we've got your back.

For the host that wants to put their personal stamp on their event, we've got you too!

Our clients are the event planners - we are just the assistants.

From The Founders

We work extremely well together because of our different personalities. Our individual strong suits complement each other perfectly and we get super excited every time we get to share this with our clients! Deliece is feisty and often thinks about things the team and our clients would not have dreamed would be necessary; its hilarious at times, but always useful. Melissa is truly our group captain. She works on the numbers, plans, and everything in between. She's the glue that keeps us together! Learn more about what drives each of us below.

Perfectionism is KEY

Perspicacity & meticulousness are my strengths, and my focus is always on the end result. To me, minutiae is everything; from whether a comma should be added to a line on an invite or whether one more flower will ruin a bouquet - we must get it right!

I'm convinced our clients refer us because my team and I work so hard to get everything right. It's never exhausting, we know how much the details matter!

Deliece Knights

Every step is a journey in itself!

I genuinely enjoy the entire process from beginning to end. Most people have favorite topics but I like them all - from seed to blossom! I get a rush of excitement for every single event we manage, big or small.

 Being able to take someone’s concept and make it a reality is special to me, especially the small things that make the event unique and unforgettable.

Combining both my degree in finance and 8+ years in hospitality, operations, and logistics;  I work to ensure each event demonstrates an extraordinary level of creativity while maintaining the clients budgets, limits and expectations!

Melissa Diaz

Westchester County, New York

Tel #s: 914-308-1548;



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