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4 Ways to Make your Wedding Feel Luxurious on a Budget

luxury wedding table decor under tent tall centerpiece with ceiling drape and chandelier

"Should we just cancel the whole thing and go to the courthouse?"

For many couples, one of the most challenging things to reconcile is their vision for their big day, versus their overall budget. In fact, this exercise will likely be one of the first in the art of #compromise (practicing for marriage much?). Luckily, there are several ways to make your big day feel just as special as a luxury event, even on a budget. Here are our top 4 ways to do so!


1. Personalization is key.

ceramic bud vases dried flowers sustainable wedding
Photo Credit: Lucie B Photo

True luxury events are designed to make that every guest feel as though they were carefully and personally considered. As you plan your big day, try to find ways to insert individualism into your design and your overall experience. Guests typically revel in moments of exclusivity; and personalization of items is an almost guaranteed way to achieve this. Plus, they will leave your wedding with sense of connectedness to you and your partner. In this example, the bride created her own hand spun, self-painted ceramic bud vases to be used on her banquet tables. No two vases were the same and each guest was given one to take with them after the wedding. The couple stayed true to themselves while considering their overall guest experience!

2. Substitution, substitution, substitution!

Let's face it, only you will know the true cost of acquiring a certain item or hiring a particular vendor. Finding ways to substitute materials and items is a great way to save on a budget while still achieving a luxurious feel. In this

example, instead of using a glass menu on each place setting, this couple opted for a more affordable material - acrylic/plexiglass to achieve the same look. The petals in each plexiglass box were purchased in bulk from a large retailer as opposed to a boutique floral company. No one could tell the difference!

Additionally, one of the best forms of substitution is through the use of vendor associates. That favorite photographer you've been stalking on Instagram for years, may likely have an associate or two who shoots in the same style working for their brand. You get the same look for less! Or, your caterer might even have a B team that has trained and learned all the tips and tricks of their service (you'll get the same amazing food for less!).

3. It’s OK to splurge.

If your budget allows, try to splurge on one item or one service for your event. Choose items that will have the biggest bang for your buck and that are likely to make the biggest impact on your guest experience.

white floor wrap decal with grey initials monogram
Photo Credit: Jesse Rinka Photography

For example, going that extra mile to book an amazing band will ensure that guests never want to leave the dance floor, giving the best party night of their lives. Or, adding a personalized floor wrap/decal can enhance your overall design. Even sourcing post-event fireworks can be the cherry on top for an excellent wedding experience.

4. Hire the right team.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this final point. In fact, it's our number one tip (we saved the best for last)! Hiring the right teams for your event can make all the difference in turning your big day from average to phenomenal. Vendors who are professional and have consistent, high quality work will get you to that luxury feel quickly and easily. AND it doesn't have to break the bank!

The reality is that there are tons of vendors in the wedding industry, some are

luxury wedding water feature with ceiling lights over table
Photo Credit: Dhalia Events

industry veterans and some may be up-and-coming, (but just as talented as the ones that are well-established). Try to find vendors who are working their way up in the industry. This may take some time and proper research, but it can be well worth it! Good vendors will always be good regardless of their price point. Pay attention to reviews and photos of their work and where possible, also try to interview them.

If all that research sounds like too much, hiring a wedding planning company is a good way to ensure that all of your vendors are going to be top class regardless of budget. A good wedding planner can find you quality vendors that are within your budget so that your dreams for you big day will be fully realized!

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