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The Tuscan Favors

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

It always amazes us when we realize how much work it takes to get the seemingly "simplest" of projects completed. We're pitching favor ideas for a client. Read about our journey and challenges for this one!

The three options - designed by Dhalia Events

This client was hosting a dinner and dance for approximately 175 attendees. One of the challenges they had is that they were representing a non-profit business, meaning, many of the items they procured for the event had to either be donated or somewhat "justified". It's a difficult balance to strike, this one, to create A level event with budget and procurement restrictions!

A challenge, but definitely one we were willing to accept!

The theme was Tuscany Italy. We were tasked with presenting favor ideas that would represent the theme but also remain as cost friendly as possible.

We came up with three ideas, candy glasses, wine glasses (with etchings) and infused olive oil.

Option 1: Candy Glasses

Candy Glass 1 - photo from Pinterest

We used inspiration from Pinterest (see photo above) to come up with a candy glass option. We would change the cellophane wrapping to more Tuscan themed colors, use Italian candies and wrap with ribbon that was closer to a rustic theme (or even twine!). On the glasses, we planned to print vinyl wording to represent the day and date of the event.

Challenge: The size of the glasses we found were too big! In order to fill these glasses to a "respectable amount" with candies, the client would go wayyyyy over budget. We wouldn't event be able to buy the wrapping tools or ribbon!

Candy Glass 2 - photo from Pinterest

Here, we would have added a wrapping material to "house" the candies with Tuscan themed colors. This would have been even more over budget, so we knew this idea wouldn't have worked at all!

Option 2. Wine Glasses

This option would be better suited for this project as it was more affordable to our client. We wanted to be part of the non-profit "donation" train, and offered not to charge for our time to print and outfit each glass to help the client's budget. This was by far cheaper but not the cheapest option! We also felt that it least captured the Tuscan feel for this event and that the effort involved didn't reflect the end product. We are sure the client agreed.

Wine glass option - photo courtesy Pinterest

Option 3: The Winner! Rosemary infused olive oil!

We pitched this idea without much of a mock up. We used the bottle design in the below and described the visuals to the client. Turns out, they liked it!

Bottle option shared with the client

Boy was this tricky to make work! Every bulk oil option we checked would blow the client's budget out of the water! We had to physically visit multiple stores to see where we could get good quality olive oil at a reasonable price. We also figured out that creating a custom label would be better suited cost wise and time wise. The options below were presented to the client in order of cheapest to produce to most expensive.

Dhalia designs on the cheapest option

This is the cheapest option as we could procure the oil already in the bottle and would simply need to produce the custom labels and embellishments. We would simply open and add the rosemary to be infused.

Dhalia designs on the middle option

This would hold less oil but would be more expensive than option one as we would have to procure the oil and bottles separately! The label would also have to be produced "off product" meaning we would have to purchase cellophane or other fabrics to make it work! You can see the rosemary we added to the little bottle near the bottom of the photo!

Dhalia designs on the "fanciest" bottle

By far our favorite option but the most expensive. We found the bottle to be cute, rustic and overall impressive as a favor! We could put more rosemary into it and play with the label design in more detail! This option would have to be hand filled, the bottles would be more expensive and the oil would have to be procured separately.

We are finalizing which oil option we go with, and who knows, maybe we'll surprise them!

Our goal at Dhalia Events is always to please and make things work. Our team has so far spent hours presenting to this client with all investment so far on our end! We work to make our projects work for our clients. Our dedication is real! We LOVE what we do!

We look forward to a happy ending with the client and who knows, maybe we can find one for you too!

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